Fine Art & Illustration

As an artist and a designer, the relationship between the two is central for me.  I approach design critically and speculatively, weaving in questions that the work produces about the future. This is where art and design overlap for me, in the production of critical content beyond practical solutions to problems and wrinkles in the world.

I love that art asks questions of its viewer. Art can be a universal language. The experience of viewing a piece of art is guided, but not entirely dictated by the artist. 

This is a collection of my work in oil, pastels, watercolor, charcoal, and graphite. 

Whitworth submission (brighter) The piercing.jpg
FullSizeRender BAtik Brown .jpg
Gee, Meredith - Salt & Crimson - Idaho Fine Arts Academy.jpg
Cut portfolio.jpg
railroad man.jpg
burned mural.jpg
dry erase.jpg
Reassembled Blue.jpg
Tribal gold leaf.jpg
Gee, Meredith - Cubism(darker) copy.jpg
pears port site.jpg
katie portrait.jpg
self portrait portfolio site.jpg