Make a Bucket List

This is the beginning of an ongoing bucket list of things to do before I die.  I've had several lists like this over the past few years, but this is the compilation. I'm a big believer in making goals realities by thinking about them, talking about them, and writing about them. Make a bucket list and read it often!


  • Visit Every Continent (2 down)
  • Live in Thailand for at least three months
  • Live in Israel for at least three months
  • Arrive at an airport and take a random flight
  • Meet/connect with 10 different entrepreneurs in 10 different cities internationally
  • Backpack/Hostels in Europe for 1 month minimum
  • Visit Morocco
  • Complete the Israel National Trail
  • Summit Everest
  • Cover at least half of Europe on a Bike
  • Take a motorcycle across Southeast Asia
  • Spend a week on a boat in Oceania
  • Hike Patagonia
  • Visit every National Park in the west
  • Visit Salar de Uyuni Boivia/s salt flats 
  • Visit the Rainbow Mountains in Zhangye Danxia, China
  • Visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
  • Visit Lake Louise, Canada


  • Work as a digital nomad/freelancer abroad for a year
  • Skydive 
  • Paraglide
  • Attend a summit for creatives/entrepreneurs overseas
  • Raft/Kayak the Grand Canyon
  • Take a weeklong river trip down the northfork of the Payette river
  • Bungee jump in South Africa
  • See the Northen Lights
  • Spend the night on top of a lookout
  • Spend a week in a yurt in Alaska
  • Visit Finland in the winter and stay awake for 24 hours
  • Take a Boat down the Ganges River, India 
  • Attend TED events in 3 countries
  • Get a Scuba Diving License
  • Live with a rural family in Mongolia for at least 2 weeks
  • Take a week to Canoe the Bowron Lake chain in BC 
  • Convert a school bus and roadtrip around the U.S.


  • Start 3 companies (, ?)
  • Own/Co-own a multi million dollar business
  • Build a successful design house/creative studio and brand to be managed remotely (online store, physical community oriented studios/locations for collaborating artists, 'treps, and all design needs. Multiple locations.
  • Build a sick treehouse

Personal Dev.

  • Find three dedicated mentors, A designer, a women in tech, another successful entrepreneur, or all three
  • Read 1000 books starting 2016
  • Learn enough Spanish to converse
  • Learn front end web development
  • Attend 5 hackathons

Make a Mark

  • Give away a million dollars
  • Help change a million people's lives through opportunities/resources
  • Build a pay what you can design/art/architecture school/incubator
  • Start a program for bringing Refugees into the community through playing music and creating art
  • Work for or start a group that encourages girls to be brave in tech and design, try stuff, and not be afraid to fall short of perfect in their creativity, learning, and work. 
  • Volunteer for 1 month straight
  • Facilitate childcare for struggling mothers to study a trade or start a company & connect them with resources to do so
  • Complete 3 design projects for sustainability
  • Speak at TED
  • Build a community of like-minded people
  • Buy my parents a decked out motorhome to cross the nation and visit their kids in
  • Take my family to Jerusalem


  • Organize an art/design service project summit for artists and 'treps
  • Compose a full symphony and hear it performed
  • Start a record label
  • Organize a hackathon
  • Organize 5 Startup Weekends (1 down)
  • Publish a magazine with art, events, and products targeted at 18-35 year olds that people pick up just because it looks great
  • Choreograph a dance piece and create a corresponding digital art piece manipulated live by dancers wearing mechanomiograms.
  • Mix a piece of dance music featuring birds recorded on my travels


  • Attend/work the Olympics
  • Attend SXSW
  • Attend Burning Man
  • Attend World Domination Summit
  • See Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club, and Flume in concert


  • Get good at Swing Dancing
  • Be blind for a day
  • Learn to Snowboard
  • Complete a Triathlon

Out There/Because its fun

  • Take 50 homeless kids to dinner and a show
  • Buy concert tickets for 10 random people and go together
  • Switch Lives with someone for 24 hours
  • Ride with a truck driver across a state
  • Shadow the production of an NPR radio show program episode
  • Die my hair white
  • Have a rave/concert on a mountain
  • Work with a marine biologist for a summer
  • Know all the zodiac and visible constellations

That's all for now

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