The Experience Of Others


I was struck on this week's visit to OTOTO and 5GreenBoxes on Pearl St. by the stories of perseverance and resilience of the business' owners.  Their businesses each required multiple launches before finding any measure of success. We speak frequently of the reality of failure when in entrepreneurial escapades, but these real stories hit home for me. The chances of failure are extremely high, and while yes, failure is necessary and ultimately a good thing, the reality is that failing is far from fun. People who have launched businesses or projects that they are passionate about 7, 10, 15 times are absolutely remarkable. This is something that I want to remember as I begin to act on my own ideas. I was also inspired this week by the advice given about chasing after the experience of others. This is so key to avoiding that 3rd or 4th failure. We can take the knowledge and wisdom of those who have attempted and/or succeeded in what we are striving to do and build up from there. Building up your own knowledge base working under others before launching your own project is very wise.

Specific Advice:

  • Associate with the people who are doing what you want to do but better. Seek them out.
  • Learn from the best, and then be better.
  • Don't make someone else's mistakes when you can avoid them.
  • Stay focused on your goal/target
  • Have a good clear strategy
  • Hire management that stresses your mission constantly
  • Take care of the Customer
  • Read the "Art of War"
Meredith GeeComment