The Deal With Creativity

Today's topic of discussion in class today coincides with my processing of the events during our first week of class. We hit on the topic of Flow once again in talking about creative confidence.  Our creative confidence is slowly whittled down as we move from child to adult.  Creativity is a skill, not a talent, however we begin our lives with more confidence in our skill. We have a much greater willingness to take risks, look like fools, and practice creativity shamelessly without fear. In order to change our perceptions about creativity we need to "stop separating the world into the creative and non-creative." according to David Kelley, Co-Founder of IDEO.  Creativity isn't something that we can turn on and off, it isn't isolated. It is however something to be practiced.  Having creative confidence means pushing past the fear of other people thinking that an idea is stupid in essence. With confidence in your creativity, you will achieve what you set out to do.

Other Good stuff from this week:

Brainstorming Rules

  • only invite brains
  • no wet blankets
  • suspend your judgement
  • welcome bad ideas
  • go for quantity
  • get everyone wired up
  • keep it short
  • sleep on it

The Storm 'Sesh

some grounded ideas -GeisertoGeek technology education company, shopping app that translated clothing size worldwide, Medical/Pharmacy/natural remedy/physical health vending machine, better online cloud storage for media, handwriting stabilizing tool/writes for you, programmable clothing, smart echolocation for the blind, hair products that don't destroy hair.

blue sky ideas- good pocket printers/3d printers, handheld devices with projected screens for drawing from life/interacting with 3d objects, smart music composition software that senses motion and scores from audio files, memory cards that wirelessly transfer data.

spaced out idea-camera built into your eye that records constantly and captures life exactly as you see it, biotech wings, vision enhancing device, tool that reads imagery from your imagination and exports them.


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