"Don't worry, you can always talk yourself out of it later." If someone said this to me when I asked for their advice, I wouldn't know what to think.  This however, is exactly what we tell ourselves when we get up the guts to step out a bit. You cannot regret something that you haven't done, but you can regret not doing something. We are professionals when it comes to rationalizing our fear of failure. I was motivated in class this week to take the step, to believe in a project or an idea and just start going. When ideas start to flow its time to act. I am realizing that that may mean simply reaching out to someone who has accomplished something that I want to accomplish or improve on, even if only to ask a question or two. Letting ideas take a trial run, begin to develop and flow is integral to exploring and creating. Flow is one piece of the core of what it is to be creative, and to think creatively about change.

Creating a space to be creative, to flow, requires intention. How can we break down walls for flow? As we mature and leave our childhood we often lose our ability to flow freely. We have no inhibitions when we are young, little fear of ridicule, little fear of failure. I was really inspired by Adam Lerner, Curator at Denver Art Museum speaking at the Tedxmilehigh event that we attended. He addressed this topic and referenced Picasso's wisdom that"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." He spoke about a remarkable individual named Mark Mothersbaugh, artist and devo front man. Mark collects everything that he likes, he keeps ideas, he puts stuff out.  What makes him so productive? He doesn't believe that anything is irrelevant to his work and to his impact on the world. He sees the world as a sandbox. He isn'tafraid to make a fool of himself. He re imagines continually. He carves ice cream cones out of the world's largest rubies because he can. He asks people. He asks people if he can create with them or with what they have. Why is he so free to do whatever he imagines? Because he asks, or does not ask, he is an everyday producer. I aspire to be this as well, to take hold of my ideas and act on my spur of the moment inspirations. I don't have to have experience. There is an aesthetic value to both virtuosos and to freedom and playful art. I want to change one of the world's patterns even if only patterns or trends in art. I want to design with the intention of making life a blast. I want to design experiences that release people to their wild ideas.

A few other take aways from Tedxmilehigh:

We live in survival mode and a constant state of emergency - genx, gen stress. Raising stressed kids. Recognize the good, ask each other 3 good things. Focusing on the good and what you do have is a gift and brings more to you allowing you to see more of what you do have as well.  End the day with positives. Perfectionists need to learn to take criticism, we beat ourselves up. Acknowledge and re-frame your mistakes. Re-frame failure into growth. You can't dwell on mistakes as failure. When it comes to mind again, think about what you learned from it, make yourself. Rosebud thorn game. You don't need a major transformation to change, simple practices are what create sustainable change.

Getting Out.
Everything out there holds possibility. Think about how you visualize putting your ideas into action, you picture the world and the city moving and breathing. Get outside of our constructs, it will help you find a way through.


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