in·sight - "the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing."

After this week's class, I not only feel that I have a new understanding of my own tendencies, but I have a deeper appreciation for the strengths of my fellow LLCers. You could say that knowing "what color" an individual is according to the Insights test will color you opinion of them, but I feel that it gives you the ability to work together as efficiently as possible and connect over both common tendencies and your differences in a new way.  When two people who have opposite dominate colors clash, or two people with similar or complimentary colors really gel for example, I now feel that I have a new framework for understanding the reason behind this. My Insights test results were remarkable accurate, I marked only a handful of statements in my overview that I did not completely identify with, or perhaps simply did not want to acknowledge were true (as being very hesitant give credit to my faults is a strong tendency of mine).  Having Paul Kosempel there in class to break down our results was really helpful. His discussion of the preference flow graph was really fascinating to me. I found that my preference flow really resonated with me. I have a 45% on preference flow meaning that I have to consciously move energy into red and green, the energies that although are higher in my daily interactions, are in fact quite low in my less conscious persona. According to these results I have to gear up to match my conscious persona from my less conscious. I definitely feel that this is true. I don't see this as being a negative thing and I am grateful that I am able to do this because many of my pursuits require a great deal of both red and green color energies. This ties into my being a part of the accommodating group in having three colors above the mid line on bar graph.  I want to keep here a few of the notes that I took when Paul was breaking down my two dominant color's tendencies as I fall right on the blue/green line. I really identify with both of these colors.

Cool Blue - Inward focus, logical decision making, get things done right. Structured, sees structure. Good at ignoring distractions. Can sometimes be more insensitive, be honest before considering the feelings of others, wants things to be done right. More detached, precise, reserved, indecisive. Lets do it right. Knowledgeable and detailed, good follow up, asks good questions, thorough, air of competence.
Earth Green - focuses on how others are affected, harmony. Good at concentrating on one thing, and/or people for a long time. Calm. Encouraging, relaxed, stubborn, bland. "Lets do it harmoniously." Builds deep long term relationships.

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