With $10

I had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas for this project. One of my favorite parts was definitely giving and receiving feedback from the others members of the LLC. Everyone had such a volume of ideas, and many of them really good, but not feasible within our time frame or on a college campus.  I learned from watching everyone else pursue their ventures that one of the greatest challenges is reaching your market.  Despite thinking that we would market our ideas to all DU students, in reality the majority of us sold goods and services solely to the others members of the LLC in the end.

 I ultimately chose to work on more of a campaign than a business, but I feel that the principles that I encountered definitely roll over into a for profit venture. Autumn and I teamed up in order raise money to donate to Jon Foreman’s charity campaign through Bro-Am studios in Encinitas, CA. The campaign's mission is to provide instruments and music lessons for kids who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn to play. We reached out to Arts for Colorado, Guitar Center(local and national), Taylor Guitars, Kolacny Music (Denver), Hope Mueller (student of Lamont School of Music), Leading Note Studios. Two weeks was not enough time to hear back from these organizations, but I am still optimistic that we may hear from at least one. I do recognize however that we would be much more likely to receive funding if we had more credibility and were a more established group as opposed to individuals. If we were to continue to devote a good deal of time to this effort, I would look to join a group that works raising funds currently and reach out to these groups under that name. The second part of our project was to gain exposure for our campaign and GoFundMe page by playing music in the street. With this being the first time that we had ever played in the street for the public, neither of us knew exactly what to expect. In all, we raised one dollar in the 2 hours that we played over the two separate days. Although we were not very successful in raising money over the two weeks, we still felt successful in our attempt to make a difference with only $10. We also really enjoyed improving music together!

Meredith GeeComment