Paint The Picture

My biggest takeaway from 1-800-GOT-JUNK's Brian Scudamore's talk was what it really means to paint a picture of what you want. You need a clear and vivid vision that not only inspires you to keep working to see it realized, but also to draw other people in. These others, your friends, partners, and collaborators have to share your vision. Not only do they need to share it, they need to see it in full color. Whatever your project, goal or business is, a colorful picture of your purpose and desired outcome are crucial. Simply having a clear picture in your mind of what you want to achieve, and of yourself achieving it actually allows it to begin to manifest. I have experienced this in my life thus far, but had not considered its impact on starting and being successful with a business in this way until now. 

While Scudamore spent quite a bit of time on this piece of advice, he also really stressed that you don't have to leave things to chance. Having a clear and colorful vision is step one.  He talked about being bold and willing to step out and advocate for yourself and sell your company. He discussed the fact that we should not be afraid to ask whether for mentoring, exposure for our business, advice etc. I enjoyed hearing his story, a major success story but not one without hiccups along the way. Scudamore is a large proponent of franchises.  I found his point that you can build any business up like a franchise in its structure whether or not you plan to actually start franchises interesting. 1-800-GOT JUNK and other O2E brands under Scudamore nearly all use this model and have used it very effectively. When thinking about my own ventures this is definitely something that I will consider.

Key Points from Brian Scudamore's talk:

  •  Paint a detailed picture of your vision to share with others
  • Tell your story - Make use of free press by having a story worth telling and tell it well.
  •  Don't be afraid to ask and to develop your ability to sell yourself and your company



Meredith GeeComment