LLC Retreat & DARE DU

Myself and a handful of other members of our LLC have recently begun brainstorming ideas for a C&E initiated project. We continued talking about this idea this past weekend on our retreat. We have thus far only had very loose ideas about what type of project, what the focus/goal/cause might be/who would we involve etc. We have talked about potential funding sources, fundraising methods, and the possibility of obtaining sponsors. While on my solo adventure during the retreat weekend I was inspired and had an idea for a project that I want to continue to brainstorm about here.

I was thinking first about what we would just genuinely enjoy doing, what we like, and what we laugh about. Our LLC is pretty goofy and I would say sometimes quite random.  We have a group that has proved on numerous occasions to be unafraid of looking a bit ridiculous in order to make people laugh, make a quick buck, or get something done. Some of our antics reminded me of projects by the group Improv Everywhere in New York on a much smaller scale of course. Improv Everywhere's tagline is "We Cause Scenes" and their work is focused on breaking the norm, doing something unexpected, and making people laugh. I was also thinking about how we might do something for the social good at the same time. My idea, which I tossed around with a few others from our LLC, is to start an initiative/campaign/social media movement at DU called something along the lines of DareDU. The idea is that we would post dares to the DU students either on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Yik Yak and possibly on our own app. These dares would include everything from really wacky(but still legal) stunts on campus that would be have everyone wondering what was going on, but fun for everyone doing it, to dares for individuals to do something like pay for a stranger's drink or do something really kind. We would ask anyone who accepts a dare to tell us what happened, post the pics and just share the story. We would also want anyone on the receiving end or watching a dare being carried out to share about it as well.  I would hope that students would see how powerful the smallest of their actions are as well as the impact that a whole group doing something that they are all independently interested in can be. We would definitely want people to take on some of the zanier dares as a group, like maybe all wearing pink dancing in the windows of the sky bridge? Or maybe getting 5 people and acting out the exact same scene in a public place like a restaurant over and over again. Who knows what we could come up with! 

Aside from fitting in some brainstorming, our retreat this past weekend overall was just a great experience.  I connected with many of our LLC members in a way that I had not before.  I also learned things that change my perceptions of them and made me admire and respect them even more. 

Retreat Pics

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