About Me

I am an Associate Product Manager in tech with a particular interest in smart cities and transportation.

I'm also a UI/UX designer, front-end developer, founder, and artist based in Los Angeles. My experience working in content creation, print, web, UI/UX, and brand identity lend to my ability to distill unique brand voices and client goals into simple, elegant design. 

My experiences as the head of a student startup have taught me grit, scrappiness, rapid iteration, and the value of people and mentorship.

I work in Sketch, Affinity, and Adobe software, HTML/CSS, javascript, 3D Modeling, digital fabrication techniques, and have experience in social media marketing and product strategy.  


I love bringing together and leading passionate teams and collaborators to solve problems. My goal is to design and build new tech tools/solutions that help others build and create. I care about empowering and instilling confidence into innovators coming behind me, particularly women. 

Side Projects

A-Team Digital

For marketing and product design work please take a look at A-Team Digital. We focus on new product prototyping and affordable digital marketing and websites for small to mid sized business.  


I Co-founded and served as CEO of Wanderlift - Ridesharing for Long Distances.  We worked to relieve traffic and worked for sustainability by putting more people in fewer vehicles for trips to the mountains, outdoor recreation, and between cities. Learn more at wanderlift.com

In:Product & Product Case Exam

This Product Case Exam prototype assesses product candidates through exam testing for validation strategy, quality of assumptions, customer empathy and much more. My goal is to make breaking into product and tech roles more accessible and this is exam is one step towards that goal. The exam prototype was built with the input of product leaders from across the U.S.

Game Design

City Lights is an iOS game looking at the issues of energy use, energy conservation, and the benefits and sustainability of various renewable energy sources. It was designed and built in Unity.

Music Composition

I've experimented with classical composition and in developing/adapting notation for percussive style guitar. Samples to listen to here.

Sponta - Marketing for Campus Organizations

I co-founded Sponta in 2017 as a university events aggregator and push notification app for improving communication across campuses. More at https://sponta.co

Dance Photography

Dancers are a favorite subject of mine to shoot. Capturing their movement and fluidity is always a refreshing challenge. 

Digital Touch Gallery

Digital Touch Gallery is a web gallery featuring the artwork created in a a 3D gesture controlled painting experience using a Leap Motion controller. The experience explores how the loss of sight might impact our experience of interpreting and understanding others. 

Studio Alpine

A previous design and development studio.  Take a look at our archive of work here: www.studioalpine.com